Source code for fbchat.models

# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-

from __future__ import unicode_literals
import enum

[docs]class FBchatException(Exception): """Custom exception thrown by fbchat. All exceptions in the fbchat module inherits this"""
[docs]class FBchatFacebookError(FBchatException): #: The error code that Facebook returned fb_error_code = None #: The error message that Facebook returned (In the user's own language) fb_error_message = None #: The status code that was sent in the http response (eg. 404) (Usually only set if not successful, aka. not 200) request_status_code = None def __init__(self, message, fb_error_code=None, fb_error_message=None, request_status_code=None): super(FBchatFacebookError, self).__init__(message) """Thrown by fbchat when Facebook returns an error""" self.fb_error_code = str(fb_error_code) self.fb_error_message = fb_error_message self.request_status_code = request_status_code
[docs]class FBchatUserError(FBchatException): """Thrown by fbchat when wrong values are entered"""
[docs]class Thread(object): #: The unique identifier of the thread. Can be used a `thread_id`. See :ref:`intro_threads` for more info uid = None #: Specifies the type of thread. Can be used a `thread_type`. See :ref:`intro_threads` for more info type = None #: A url to the thread's picture photo = None #: The name of the thread name = None #: Timestamp of last message last_message_timestamp = None #: Number of messages in the thread message_count = None def __init__(self, _type, uid, photo=None, name=None, last_message_timestamp=None, message_count=None): """Represents a Facebook thread""" self.uid = str(uid) self.type = _type = photo = name self.last_message_timestamp = last_message_timestamp self.message_count = message_count def __repr__(self): return self.__unicode__() def __unicode__(self): return '<{} {} ({})>'.format(,, self.uid)
[docs]class User(Thread): #: The profile url url = None #: The users first name first_name = None #: The users last name last_name = None #: Whether the user and the client are friends is_friend = None #: The user's gender gender = None #: From 0 to 1. How close the client is to the user affinity = None #: The user's nickname nickname = None #: The clients nickname, as seen by the user own_nickname = None #: A :class:`ThreadColor`. The message color color = None #: The default emoji emoji = None def __init__(self, uid, url=None, first_name=None, last_name=None, is_friend=None, gender=None, affinity=None, nickname=None, own_nickname=None, color=None, emoji=None, **kwargs): """Represents a Facebook user. Inherits `Thread`""" super(User, self).__init__(ThreadType.USER, uid, **kwargs) self.url = url self.first_name = first_name self.last_name = last_name self.is_friend = is_friend self.gender = gender self.affinity = affinity self.nickname = nickname self.own_nickname = own_nickname self.color = color self.emoji = emoji
[docs]class Group(Thread): #: Unique list (set) of the group thread's participant user IDs participants = None #: A dict, containing user nicknames mapped to their IDs nicknames = None #: A :class:`ThreadColor`. The groups's message color color = None #: The groups's default emoji emoji = None def __init__(self, uid, participants=None, nicknames=None, color=None, emoji=None, **kwargs): """Represents a Facebook group. Inherits `Thread`""" super(Group, self).__init__(ThreadType.GROUP, uid, **kwargs) if participants is None: participants = set() self.participants = participants if nicknames is None: nicknames = [] self.nicknames = nicknames self.color = color self.emoji = emoji
[docs]class Room(Group): # Set containing user IDs of thread admins admins = None # True if users need approval to join approval_mode = None # Set containing user IDs requesting to join approval_requests = None # Link for joining room join_link = None # True is room is not discoverable privacy_mode = None def __init__(self, uid, admins=None, approval_mode=None, approval_requests=None, join_link=None, privacy_mode=None, **kwargs): """Represents a Facebook room. Inherits `Group`""" super(Room, self).__init__(uid, **kwargs) self.type = ThreadType.ROOM if admins is None: admins = set() self.admins = admins self.approval_mode = approval_mode if approval_requests is None: approval_requests = set() self.approval_requests = approval_requests self.join_link = join_link self.privacy_mode = privacy_mode
[docs]class Page(Thread): #: The page's custom url url = None #: The name of the page's location city city = None #: Amount of likes the page has likes = None #: Some extra information about the page sub_title = None #: The page's category category = None def __init__(self, uid, url=None, city=None, likes=None, sub_title=None, category=None, **kwargs): """Represents a Facebook page. Inherits `Thread`""" super(Page, self).__init__(ThreadType.PAGE, uid, **kwargs) self.url = url = city self.likes = likes self.sub_title = sub_title self.category = category
[docs]class Message(object): #: The actual message text = None #: A list of :class:`Mention` objects mentions = None #: A :class:`EmojiSize`. Size of a sent emoji emoji_size = None #: The message ID uid = None #: ID of the sender author = None #: Timestamp of when the message was sent timestamp = None #: Whether the message is read is_read = None #: A dict with user's IDs as keys, and their :class:`MessageReaction` as values reactions = None #: The actual message text = None #: A :class:`Sticker` sticker = None #: A list of attachments attachments = None def __init__(self, text=None, mentions=None, emoji_size=None, sticker=None, attachments=None): """Represents a Facebook message""" self.text = text if mentions is None: mentions = [] self.mentions = mentions self.emoji_size = emoji_size self.sticker = sticker if attachments is None: attachments = [] self.attachments = attachments self.reactions = {} def __repr__(self): return self.__unicode__() def __unicode__(self): return '<Message ({}): {}, mentions={} emoji_size={} attachments={}>'.format(self.uid, repr(self.text), self.mentions, self.emoji_size, self.attachments)
[docs]class Attachment(object): #: The attachment ID uid = None def __init__(self, uid=None): """Represents a Facebook attachment""" self.uid = uid
[docs]class Sticker(Attachment): #: The sticker-pack's ID pack = None #: Whether the sticker is animated is_animated = False # If the sticker is animated, the following should be present #: URL to a medium spritemap medium_sprite_image = None #: URL to a large spritemap large_sprite_image = None #: The amount of frames present in the spritemap pr. row frames_per_row = None #: The amount of frames present in the spritemap pr. coloumn frames_per_col = None #: The frame rate the spritemap is intended to be played in frame_rate = None #: URL to the sticker's image url = None #: Width of the sticker width = None #: Height of the sticker height = None #: The sticker's label/name label = None def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): """Represents a Facebook sticker that has been sent to a Facebook thread as an attachment""" super(Sticker, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
[docs]class ShareAttachment(Attachment): def __init__(self, **kwargs): """Represents a shared item (eg. URL) that has been sent as a Facebook attachment - *Currently Incomplete!*""" super(ShareAttachment, self).__init__(**kwargs)
[docs]class FileAttachment(Attachment): #: Url where you can download the file url = None #: Size of the file in bytes size = None #: Name of the file name = None #: Whether Facebook determines that this file may be harmful is_malicious = None def __init__(self, url=None, size=None, name=None, is_malicious=None, **kwargs): """Represents a file that has been sent as a Facebook attachment""" super(FileAttachment, self).__init__(**kwargs) self.url = url self.size = size = name self.is_malicious = is_malicious
[docs]class AudioAttachment(Attachment): #: Name of the file filename = None #: Url of the audio file url = None #: Duration of the audioclip in milliseconds duration = None #: Audio type audio_type = None def __init__(self, filename=None, url=None, duration=None, audio_type=None, **kwargs): """Represents an audio file that has been sent as a Facebook attachment""" super(AudioAttachment, self).__init__(**kwargs) self.filename = filename self.url = url self.duration = duration self.audio_type = audio_type
[docs]class ImageAttachment(Attachment): #: The extension of the original image (eg. 'png') original_extension = None #: Width of original image width = None #: Height of original image height = None #: Whether the image is animated is_animated = None #: URL to a thumbnail of the image thumbnail_url = None #: URL to a medium preview of the image preview_url = None #: Width of the medium preview image preview_width = None #: Height of the medium preview image preview_height = None #: URL to a large preview of the image large_preview_url = None #: Width of the large preview image large_preview_width = None #: Height of the large preview image large_preview_height = None #: URL to an animated preview of the image (eg. for gifs) animated_preview_url = None #: Width of the animated preview image animated_preview_width = None #: Height of the animated preview image animated_preview_height = None def __init__(self, original_extension=None, width=None, height=None, is_animated=None, thumbnail_url=None, preview=None, large_preview=None, animated_preview=None, **kwargs): """ Represents an image that has been sent as a Facebook attachment To retrieve the full image url, use: :func:`fbchat.Client.fetchImageUrl`, and pass it the uid of the image attachment """ super(ImageAttachment, self).__init__(**kwargs) self.original_extension = original_extension if width is not None: width = int(width) self.width = width if height is not None: height = int(height) self.height = height self.is_animated = is_animated self.thumbnail_url = thumbnail_url if preview is None: preview = {} self.preview_url = preview.get('uri') self.preview_width = preview.get('width') self.preview_height = preview.get('height') if large_preview is None: large_preview = {} self.large_preview_url = large_preview.get('uri') self.large_preview_width = large_preview.get('width') self.large_preview_height = large_preview.get('height') if animated_preview is None: animated_preview = {} self.animated_preview_url = animated_preview.get('uri') self.animated_preview_width = animated_preview.get('width') self.animated_preview_height = animated_preview.get('height')
[docs]class VideoAttachment(Attachment): #: Size of the original video in bytes size = None #: Width of original video width = None #: Height of original video height = None #: Length of video in milliseconds duration = None #: URL to very compressed preview video preview_url = None #: URL to a small preview image of the video small_image_url = None #: Width of the small preview image small_image_width = None #: Height of the small preview image small_image_height = None #: URL to a medium preview image of the video medium_image_url = None #: Width of the medium preview image medium_image_width = None #: Height of the medium preview image medium_image_height = None #: URL to a large preview image of the video large_image_url = None #: Width of the large preview image large_image_width = None #: Height of the large preview image large_image_height = None def __init__(self, size=None, width=None, height=None, duration=None, preview_url=None, small_image=None, medium_image=None, large_image=None, **kwargs): """Represents a video that has been sent as a Facebook attachment""" super(VideoAttachment, self).__init__(**kwargs) self.size = size self.width = width self.height = height self.duration = duration self.preview_url = preview_url if small_image is None: small_image = {} self.small_image_url = small_image.get('uri') self.small_image_width = small_image.get('width') self.small_image_height = small_image.get('height') if medium_image is None: medium_image = {} self.medium_image_url = medium_image.get('uri') self.medium_image_width = medium_image.get('width') self.medium_image_height = medium_image.get('height') if large_image is None: large_image = {} self.large_image_url = large_image.get('uri') self.large_image_width = large_image.get('width') self.large_image_height = large_image.get('height')
[docs]class Mention(object): #: The thread ID the mention is pointing at thread_id = None #: The character where the mention starts offset = None #: The length of the mention length = None def __init__(self, thread_id, offset=0, length=10): """Represents a @mention""" self.thread_id = thread_id self.offset = offset self.length = length def __repr__(self): return self.__unicode__() def __unicode__(self): return '<Mention {}: offset={} length={}>'.format(self.thread_id, self.offset, self.length)
[docs]class Enum(enum.Enum): """Used internally by fbchat to support enumerations""" def __repr__(self): # For documentation: return '{}.{}'.format(type(self).__name__,
[docs]class ThreadType(Enum): """Used to specify what type of Facebook thread is being used. See :ref:`intro_threads` for more info""" USER = 1 GROUP = 2 PAGE = 3 ROOM = 4
[docs]class ThreadLocation(Enum): """Used to specify where a thread is located (inbox, pending, archived, other).""" INBOX = 'INBOX' PENDING = 'PENDING' ARCHIVED = 'ARCHIVED' OTHER = 'OTHER'
[docs]class TypingStatus(Enum): """Used to specify whether the user is typing or has stopped typing""" STOPPED = 0 TYPING = 1
[docs]class EmojiSize(Enum): """Used to specify the size of a sent emoji""" LARGE = '369239383222810' MEDIUM = '369239343222814' SMALL = '369239263222822'
[docs]class ThreadColor(Enum): """Used to specify a thread colors""" MESSENGER_BLUE = '#0084ff' VIKING = '#44bec7' GOLDEN_POPPY = '#ffc300' RADICAL_RED = '#fa3c4c' SHOCKING = '#d696bb' PICTON_BLUE = '#6699cc' FREE_SPEECH_GREEN = '#13cf13' PUMPKIN = '#ff7e29' LIGHT_CORAL = '#e68585' MEDIUM_SLATE_BLUE = '#7646ff' DEEP_SKY_BLUE = '#20cef5' FERN = '#67b868' CAMEO = '#d4a88c' BRILLIANT_ROSE = '#ff5ca1' BILOBA_FLOWER = '#a695c7'
[docs]class MessageReaction(Enum): """Used to specify a message reaction""" LOVE = '😍' SMILE = '😆' WOW = '😮' SAD = '😢' ANGRY = '😠' YES = '👍' NO = '👎'