Version X broke my installation

We try to provide backwards compatibility where possible, but since we’re not part of Facebook, most of the things may be broken at any point in time

Downgrade to an earlier version of fbchat, run this command

$ pip install fbchat==<X>

Where you replace <X> with the version you want to use

Will you be supporting creating posts/events/pages and so on?

We won’t be focusing on anything else than chat-related things. This API is called fbCHAT, after all ;)

Submitting Issues

If you’re having trouble with some of the snippets, or you think some of the functionality is broken, please feel free to submit an issue on GitHub. You should first login with logging_level set to logging.DEBUG:

from fbchat import Client
import logging
client = Client('<email>', '<password>', logging_level=logging.DEBUG)

Then you can submit the relevant parts of this log, and detailed steps on how to reproduce


Always remove your credentials from any debug information you may provide us. Preferably, use a test account, in case you miss anything