To use the tests, copy tests/data.json to tests/my_data.json or type the information manually in the terminal prompts.

  • email: Your (or a test user’s) email / phone number

  • password: Your (or a test user’s) password

  • group_thread_id: A test group that will be used to test group functionality

  • user_thread_id: A person that will be used to test kick/add functionality (This user should be in the group)

Please remember to test all supported python versions. If you’ve made any changes to the 2FA functionality, test it with a 2FA enabled account.

If you only want to execute specific tests, pass the function names in the command line (not including the test_ prefix). Example:

$ python tests.py sendMessage sessions sendEmoji


Do not execute the full set of tests in too quick succession. This can get your account temporarily blocked for spam! (You should execute the script at max about 10 times a day)