Source code for fbchat._group

# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
from __future__ import unicode_literals

import attr
from . import _plan
from ._thread import ThreadType, Thread

[docs]@attr.s(cmp=False, init=False) class Group(Thread): """Represents a Facebook group. Inherits `Thread`.""" #: Unique list (set) of the group thread's participant user IDs participants = attr.ib(factory=set, converter=lambda x: set() if x is None else x) #: A dictionary, containing user nicknames mapped to their IDs nicknames = attr.ib(factory=dict, converter=lambda x: {} if x is None else x) #: A :class:`ThreadColor`. The groups's message color color = attr.ib(None) #: The groups's default emoji emoji = attr.ib(None) # Set containing user IDs of thread admins admins = attr.ib(factory=set, converter=lambda x: set() if x is None else x) # True if users need approval to join approval_mode = attr.ib(None) # Set containing user IDs requesting to join approval_requests = attr.ib( factory=set, converter=lambda x: set() if x is None else x ) # Link for joining group join_link = attr.ib(None) def __init__( self, uid, participants=None, nicknames=None, color=None, emoji=None, admins=None, approval_mode=None, approval_requests=None, join_link=None, privacy_mode=None, **kwargs ): super(Group, self).__init__(ThreadType.GROUP, uid, **kwargs) if participants is None: participants = set() self.participants = participants if nicknames is None: nicknames = [] self.nicknames = nicknames self.color = color self.emoji = emoji if admins is None: admins = set() self.admins = admins self.approval_mode = approval_mode if approval_requests is None: approval_requests = set() self.approval_requests = approval_requests self.join_link = join_link @classmethod def _from_graphql(cls, data): if data.get("image") is None: data["image"] = {} c_info = cls._parse_customization_info(data) last_message_timestamp = None if "last_message" in data: last_message_timestamp = data["last_message"]["nodes"][0][ "timestamp_precise" ] plan = None if data.get("event_reminders") and data["event_reminders"].get("nodes"): plan = _plan.Plan._from_graphql(data["event_reminders"]["nodes"][0]) return cls( data["thread_key"]["thread_fbid"], participants=set( [ node["messaging_actor"]["id"] for node in data["all_participants"]["nodes"] ] ), nicknames=c_info.get("nicknames"), color=c_info.get("color"), emoji=c_info.get("emoji"), admins=set([node.get("id") for node in data.get("thread_admins")]), approval_mode=bool(data.get("approval_mode")) if data.get("approval_mode") is not None else None, approval_requests=set( node["requester"]["id"] for node in data["group_approval_queue"]["nodes"] ) if data.get("group_approval_queue") else None, join_link=data["joinable_mode"].get("link"), photo=data["image"].get("uri"), name=data.get("name"), message_count=data.get("messages_count"), last_message_timestamp=last_message_timestamp, plan=plan, ) def _to_send_data(self): return {"thread_fbid": self.uid}
@attr.s(cmp=False, init=False) class Room(Group): """Deprecated. Use `Group` instead.""" # True is room is not discoverable privacy_mode = attr.ib(None) def __init__(self, uid, privacy_mode=None, **kwargs): super(Room, self).__init__(uid, **kwargs) self.type = ThreadType.ROOM self.privacy_mode = privacy_mode