Source code for fbchat._page

# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
from __future__ import unicode_literals

import attr
from . import _plan
from ._thread import ThreadType, Thread

[docs]@attr.s(cmp=False, init=False) class Page(Thread): """Represents a Facebook page. Inherits `Thread`.""" #: The page's custom URL url = attr.ib(None) #: The name of the page's location city city = attr.ib(None) #: Amount of likes the page has likes = attr.ib(None) #: Some extra information about the page sub_title = attr.ib(None) #: The page's category category = attr.ib(None) def __init__( self, uid, url=None, city=None, likes=None, sub_title=None, category=None, **kwargs ): super(Page, self).__init__(ThreadType.PAGE, uid, **kwargs) self.url = url = city self.likes = likes self.sub_title = sub_title self.category = category @classmethod def _from_graphql(cls, data): if data.get("profile_picture") is None: data["profile_picture"] = {} if data.get("city") is None: data["city"] = {} plan = None if data.get("event_reminders") and data["event_reminders"].get("nodes"): plan = _plan.Plan._from_graphql(data["event_reminders"]["nodes"][0]) return cls( data["id"], url=data.get("url"), city=data.get("city").get("name"), category=data.get("category_type"), photo=data["profile_picture"].get("uri"), name=data.get("name"), message_count=data.get("messages_count"), plan=plan, )