Source code for fbchat._sticker

# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
from __future__ import unicode_literals

import attr
from ._attachment import Attachment

[docs]@attr.s(cmp=False, init=False) class Sticker(Attachment): """Represents a Facebook sticker that has been sent to a thread as an attachment.""" #: The sticker-pack's ID pack = attr.ib(None) #: Whether the sticker is animated is_animated = attr.ib(False) # If the sticker is animated, the following should be present #: URL to a medium spritemap medium_sprite_image = attr.ib(None) #: URL to a large spritemap large_sprite_image = attr.ib(None) #: The amount of frames present in the spritemap pr. row frames_per_row = attr.ib(None) #: The amount of frames present in the spritemap pr. column frames_per_col = attr.ib(None) #: The frame rate the spritemap is intended to be played in frame_rate = attr.ib(None) #: URL to the sticker's image url = attr.ib(None) #: Width of the sticker width = attr.ib(None) #: Height of the sticker height = attr.ib(None) #: The sticker's label/name label = attr.ib(None) def __init__(self, uid=None): super(Sticker, self).__init__(uid=uid) @classmethod def _from_graphql(cls, data): if not data: return None self = cls(uid=data["id"]) if data.get("pack"): self.pack = data["pack"].get("id") if data.get("sprite_image"): self.is_animated = True self.medium_sprite_image = data["sprite_image"].get("uri") self.large_sprite_image = data["sprite_image_2x"].get("uri") self.frames_per_row = data.get("frames_per_row") self.frames_per_col = data.get("frames_per_column") self.frame_rate = data.get("frame_rate") self.url = data.get("url") self.width = data.get("width") self.height = data.get("height") if data.get("label"): self.label = data["label"] return self